Energy at Oxford Chemistry

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Oxford Chemistry is equipped with a wide range of characterization techniques to probe deeply the properties of the molecules and materials that we synthesize.  These techniques range from the routine to highly specialized approaches found only in a few places around the world.

The capabilities of Oxford Chemistry stand out because several of its groups are actively involved in the development of new analytical techniques and novel uses of existing techniques.  The ability to apply such cutting edge techniques continues to expand the boundaries of what can be learned about energy.

In addition to equipment owned by individual groups, there are numerous department-wide analytical centers, including the Surface Analysis Facility, the Center for Advanced Electron Spin Resonance, a range of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facilities, and the Mass Spectrometry Service.  These centers are collections of world-class expertise and equipment, providing essential support to the cutting-edge research here at Oxford Chemistry.

Additionally, Oxford Chemistry has strong, long-standing relationships with institutions beyond the department, most notably with the Rutherford Appleton National Laboratory, less than 20 miles away.  Access to truly world-class Rutherford Laboratory instruments like the ISIS neutron source and the DIAMOND synchrotron light source, allows researchers to probe energy materials on the atomic scale at an incredible level of detail.